How ZU Works

We work smarter.

ZU focuses on quality over quantity. High value over high volume. We cut through the clutter to bring you only the best prospects — highly focused, highly qualified and highly targeted.

Unlike many affiliates and aggregators, ZU doesn’t sell “leads” like commodity brokers sell corn futures. We deal with real people — real prospects interested in your organization — that come to us, not the other way around.

We generate our prospects through several methods — including organically through a proprietary method integrating social media, SEO and search engine marketing. This isn’t rocket science. What’s innovative is the fact we’ve gone back to basics while incorporating the latest technology and exceptional expertise. What a concept, right?

If you’re looking to buy subpar leads in bulk, look elsewhere. But if you want more students, on fewer dollars with less overhead, keep reading.

We work harder.

As you’ve probably learned, a lot of players in the lead gen industry don’t think earning your trust is worth the effort. ZU is here to pick up the slack.

Our clients know they’re getting the highest quality prospects, because we put in the extra effort to prove it. Every prospect is generated with a heightened level of transparency, backed by real data.

We’re ready to meet your needs, step away from the dinner table to answer after-hours calls and, yes, even listen to what you have to say. Shocking, isn’t it? We know a little customer service goes a long way.

We deliver.

ZU brings you the best prospects, without the bull. Each and every inquiry is verified, specifically interested in your institution and sold exclusively, or semi-exclusively (you choose) to you as our client.

The result? Higher rates of enrollment. Fewer resources wasted on irrelevant leads. And, best of all, a significantly lower cost-per-start.