The ZU Difference

We’re leading a revolution.

The lead generation industry has certainly had its share of bad players. Providers have historically sold snake oil, and aggregators have resold it at insanely high margins. The chances of scoring quality leads are about as likely as winning the Powerball.

ZU is here to change all that.

For ZU, transparency isn’t some false sales pitch — it’s an opportunity to prove the quality of our services. We never try to obscure our methods or conceal our approach. How’s that for a vote of confidence?


100% Contact Rate

That’s right — ZU prospects are in many instances telephone verified. And if you prefer, ZU prospects can be warm transferred, no problem.

100% Data Accuracy

ZU takes pride in the integrity of its prospects, and the data we provide is always guaranteed for accuracy. You’ll never come across unverified leads or bad information.

100% Prospect Exclusivity

ZU prospects are sold once, and only once unless you accept semi-exclusive inquiries. Each prospect is relevant, to your institution. And if a student expresses interest in more than one school, you’ll always be informed upfront.

100% Compliance

All ZU online and offline advertising practices are compliant with US Department of Education, FTC and FCC standards and requirements. No hanky-panky with us. It’s not worth it for anyone involved.

100% Prospect Transparency

Here at ZU, we go above and beyond to create open and honest relationships with our clients. That’s why you’ll always know how your prospects are generated. We provide recordings and/or data points for every prospect you receive.

One-Week Client Startup

ZU delivers results, and we do it fast. It kicks off with a lightening-quick startup time of seven days. For most campaigns, within a week, you’ll have a strong presence on ZU’s comprehensive online portal, along with integrated campaigns up and running. All you have to do is hold up your end of the bargain, provide us with your school’s basic info, and we’re off to the races.